Tales of Suspense, Vol. 1 – 57


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Marvel Comics – Sep 1964. 4.5 Very Good +. 1st app. of Hawkeye. . Hawkeye, the Marksman! / The Runner / The Watcher’s Power.

Hawkeye, the Marksman! – Hawkeye is tired of being disrepected. He aims to make a name for himself as a hero, but a misunderstanding drives him to the arms of the Black Widow, who soon twists him around her little finger.

The Runner – Mike makes a new friend at a baseball game, and is stunned that the new kid has absolutely no clue about baseball.

The Watcher’s Power – Invaders plan to attack planet T-37X, stationing themselves by the Watcher’s observatory. Why does the Watcher involve himself needlessly? Is that not in violation of his oath?