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Saw our boy at his play “Margaritaville” last night. Always a pleasure sir.
Great day at KSLA’s Job Fair today in Bossier. Got to meet a lot of great people and make a few new friends. 😊
Oddities & Curiosities Expo 2024 longer video edit. #odditiesandcuriosities #dallas  #spookiedookie #thosedamnlincolns
Oddities & Curiosities Expo 2024. I’ll post a longer video of everything later.
Pizza Expo 2024 in Las Vegas! Had a great time with some great coworkers. 😊🍕
I’ve got an immersive experience addiction 😬
Not sure what got into all y’all yesterday buuuuuut… ya’ll need to learn how to drive. 😳 #maybeitsme ?
Icy weather from this morning here in Stonewall.
Made this video for a former coworker and friend that retired many years ago. @cajunshade
Instagram post 18015877315977004
I told Q this was a family initiation ritual after she got the first ear done and if she didn’t get the second ear pierced, she would have to go live in the playhouse outside in the backyard 😜 #parenting @pensandneedlestattoo @thecoreydobbs
Thanksgiving lunch with Q. 🥰
‘Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the house, All the creatures were stirring, except for the mouse. The monsters had gathered to plan and prepare, For the trick-or-treaters who soon would be there.